Weekend Adventures with a German Shorthaired Pointer

Weekend Adventures German Shorthaired Pointer

What a weekend! My human family was sure in a good mood, they spent all weekend outside with me. My dad was traveling for a couple of days last week and that made me very sad. On Saturday, he visited one of our favorite sports Tractor Supply (they also have my favorite food) and picked up a cool new leash for me. It’s epic in length 25’ – that’s 25 feet for you mathematically challenged humans! My mom and sister hate it. The cool thing about it is I can now roam the pound without any human worry. As you may recall from one of my previous post, my mom and dad keep talking about a fence – I am happy to report no signs of one yet! We also celebrated my human brother’s birthday, it was so much fun. My parents don’t know but my brother game me one of his birthday cupcakes, it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. Please don’t mention it to them. I hope you enjoy this fun picture of me. Love you all.

Love Ben!

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